How to care for cats

When did you take your cat to the vet in the last hour?
I want to remind you that even if your cat looks quite healthy, it still needs to be periodically taken to the veterinarian for prevention. Here are 8 points to keep your cat healthy.
1. If you are the owner of a long-haired cat breed, then it must be combed, otherwise there will be pellets,and even inflamed skin areas.

2. the next one is, of course, clean water! This is done so that your pet has a beautiful coat and clean skin. And do not forget about fresh water every day to replenish the bowl


3. and about the cat toilet. First, you must teach the cat to go to the home tray. He should know that this is his tray, and put it on the street, too. Make sure it’s clean.

4. Train your cat not to scratch the corners of the sofa. For this purpose, there are devices for combing, and to make you understand this, it does this in order to reduce its claws. After all, it is also inconvenient to walk with long claws.

5. And more… Just as you brush your teeth every morning, so it is necessary for the cat to brush them. Of course, not every morning, but once a year, together with your veterinarian, you need to brush your cat’s teeth.

6. What to feed your pet? There are many feeds but you need to choose the one that suits the cat the most. See what your cat likes more, but the diet should have everything you need for the cat.

7. Check the cat for skin diseases.Check for fleas or other parasites, as well as any unusual redness, bumps, or other skin problems. If you see something suspicious, report it to the vet and ask what you need to do.

8. Bathing cats. Of course, most cats do not like to swim, but you need to train them to do it when they are very young, the water should be warm.But do not bathe them often.

In General, there are a lot of tips, but you should choose exactly what suits you.And your cat, too.Love your cat and it will be grateful to you in the same way.

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